Businessman and Avid Traveler Sombudha Adhikari Discusses How Workaholics Can Benefit from Traveling More

Businessman and avid traveler Sombudha Adhikari discusses how workaholics can benefit mentally and physically from traveling more often.

Workaholism, the term used to describe those who have an uncontrollable desire to work almost constantly, is a worldwide problem. It’s a common issue in Japan, the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States, and countless other countries. Unfortunately, workaholism can have a number of negative affects on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Businessman and avid traveler Sombudha Adhikari recently discussed how workaholics benefit at work and at home from traveling for pleasure more often.

“Most workaholics don’t understand that they’re actually losing productivity by spending too much time at work or working,” Sombudha Adhikari said.

Sombudha Adhikari explained that workers benefit mentally and physically from taking time off to travel. That superior physical and mental health then benefits productivity at the workplace. Sombudha Adhikari stated that taking a vacation has the ability to reduce stress, increase a sense of well-being, improve happiness, and increase mental resilience.

Similarly, Sombudha Adhikari explained that the reduction in stress and boost in mental health results in a physically stronger body. This means the worker is actually required to take fewer sick days throughout the year. That’s because workaholics tend to prioritize work over sleep and general health. Simply put, more vacation days result in fewer sick days. Additionally, Sombudha Adhikari stated that reduced stress means lower cortisol levels, which means the body feels more tranquil and content.

Sombudha Adhikari commented on a study at the State University of New York that showed men between the ages of 35 and 57 reduced their change of death by 20 percent simply by taking one vacation per year.

“It’s easy to lose motivation when you work day in and day out. You may think you’re being productive, but if you had more energy and motivation, you could probably accomplish the same work in a fraction of the time,” Sombudha Adhikari said.

Sombudha Adhikari remarked that taking a vacation allows the worker to return refreshed and more motivated. He added that exploring a new environment has the ability to stimulate creative flow while making new friends can even result in new business opportunities. Similarly, a worker who is happier and less stressed is someone other workers enjoy being around. An entire office or another workplace could operate more smoothly simply because a workaholic took a break.

“The act of traveling is something every workaholic should do,” Sombudha Adhikari finished. “While taking a vacation may be viewed as ‘lazy’ or ‘unimportant’ by the workaholic, it can benefit the business greatly in the long run.”

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